Manu Unni

Manu Unni is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. While at Carey, Manu has extensively studied management strategy and organizational development techniques, benefiting his capacity as a facilitator of groups. His curriculum was interdisciplinary with a dual focus on Management and Finance.

While at Carey, he conducted research under the direction of Dr. Jian Ni in the field of Pricing, a more quantitative subset of Marketing. Research projects involved the development of complex theoretical pricing models as well as the relevant manipulation of large data sets in a variety of industries from pharmaceuticals to airlines.

Manu previously developed extensive research experience as an organic chemist focusing on the development of novel compounds for biological applications (Johns Hopkins) as well as manufacture of novel cage-functionalized macrocycles to concentrate nuclear waste (UNT). 

Manu received his B.A. in Chemistry with a concentration in Biology from Johns Hopkins. | 917.554.1649