Professional cannabis industry financial modeling.

Financial models come in many disparate forms, from those modeled within traditional academic frameworks[1] to more discrete, and, typically, more useful operational frameworks.

Regardless of complexity (think: "I disagree with your depreciation on PPE in Y3"), from the perspective of technical error analysis, all scrutiny of a proposed model must begin with the

(a) identification of key assumptions as well as

(b) knowing what the fuck those key levers--those KPIs,--in fact, are.

What I do

I have no interest in producing financial models for an insane startup from Palo Alto aiming to monetize the wax procured from discarded cannabis stalks. I produce simple, infinitely-iterative financial projections that become comprehensive operational pro formas in real time.

Why (when) you need me

I am one of the statistically rare individuals that is trained comprehensively in:

  1. business strategy
  2. operational financial modeling
  3. the modern US and global cannabis economies at micro- and macro-levels of complexity.

Key services that I can provide that others cannot (read: Competitive Advantage)

Most consultants will give you a standard 3-5 year projection to impress a drooling investor who will pass this information on to an accountant or financial advisor (God, which is worse?). Allow me be clear: if this is your ambition, you should never pay me money to do work for you. I will be a waste of your money (that advice is free heh). 

I am for when the projection matters--for when one has been tasked with producing operationally-actionable financial models with associated uncertainties and risk-premiums. 

I work with a carefully-selected, small team and only accept select engagements.


Cannabis background:

  • Master grower: 10 years cultivation/extraction experience
  • Current: Founder/CEO international cannabis firm (currently soliciting capital)
  • Current: Founder/CFO ancillary cannabis firm (expected exit October 2017)
  • Prev: iAnthus Capital (cannabis venture capital firm)
    • PM for MN license application
    • created financial/operating models for cannabis investments in MA, NM, VT, MD
    • managed partnership with Proverde Laboratories (MA-based extraction/testing firm)
  • Prev: Founder/PM for MD dispensary license application (private firm; won--under construction)
  • Prev: MDlogix
    • MDLogix provides the clinical research management system (CRMS) for all Johns Hopkins human studies worldwide (JH Medicine, JH School of Public Health, JH Applied Physics Laboratory, etc.) as well as US Dept. of Veterans Affairs
    • partnership with Stanleys/Realm of Caring (Charlotte's Web)
    • conducting THC/CBD prospective observational study (1000+ subjects; largest known cannabinoid study in the world)
  • Current: CBD-focused startup
  • MBA Management/Finance, Johns Hopkins
  • BA Chemistry (conc. Biology), Johns Hopkins

Related background:

  • Prev: Sr. Crime Scene Investigator (Baltimore City PD) - 3 years
    • work with DEA/FBI/BATF/DHS
    • familiarity with law enforcement culture and investigation procedure
  • Prev: Synthetic organic chemistry research (UNT/Johns Hopkins) - 3 years
    • focus on cage-functionalized macrocycles and asymmetric catalysts
    • experience with advanced extraction, purification, and characterization procedures